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Ultra Vitamin C ComplexTM is a unique formulation using the latest technology to prevent any loss of the nutrient. It is enriched with Acerola and Rose Hips. All the ingredients are derived from natural sources to ensure rapid absorption and utilization.

Key Benefits:

♦  Rich in Vitamin C, derived from natural
sources, incorporated with Acerola Extract
and Rose Hips.

♦  An excellent antioxidant which helps to
eliminate free radicals, thus enhancing the
immune system.

♦  May help to improve skin complexion.

♦  May aid in wound healing and improving
    male fertility.

♦  An excellent nutrient for common colds and
    flu for maintenance of health.

Recommended For:

♦  Individuals who have unbalanced meals
    with low fruit and vegetable intakes.

♦  People with poor health and are susceptible
to colds.

♦  People who wish to have refined-looking skin and good skin tone.

Say Bye-bye To Stubborn Cold, Flu, and Tanned Skin!

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