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"The secret to a healthy life lies in our environment - the air, water, food, that is clean, energized and toxic-free"

- excerpt from our bestselling book "Who Stole Your Health"

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Hi, my name is Edwin.

I'm a health advocate, writer, yoga teacher and public health talk speaker. For the past 20 years I have been documenting what it means to have good health, and have personally committed to leading a healthier lifestyle. Nontoxic Wellness is my platform to share the knowledge and products that I believe are helpful and relevant for our modern needs.
在过去的20多年里,我一直以行动阐释着拥有良好健康的含义,并亲身致力于如何让自己和周围的人活得健康和让生命更加有意义。Nontoxic Wellness(无毒生活)是分享我认为对现代生活有帮助的相关的知识和产品的平台。我的祈望:大家都健康!

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