Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus 290g


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Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus 290g

Combining the health benefits of raw honey, expectorant power of Brazilian watercress and antiseptic characteristics of Eucalyptus. Raw honey is a popular choice in Singapore. Beneficial to the prevention of Cough, Sore throat, Flu


Prevention of common sicknesses
Sore throat
Relieving constipation.


Well known as a source of positive nutrition, Watercress (species: Nasturtum Officinale) has been harvested for hundreds of years. It contains the compound Sulphur Glycosides, believed to be beneficial in alleviating the effects of long-term bronchitis. This means it is particular useful for those pesky coughs that never seem to go away! Below are the full list of benefits associated with Watercress:


Prevent Breast Cancer
Offers a rich supply of Vitamin C
Boost Immunity
Lowers Blood Pressure
ImprovesThyroid Gland Function
Prevent Iron Deficiency (anemia)
Prevents Hangover
Promotes Weight Loss
Purifying Effects
Maintains Healthy Bones
Treats Diabetes
Improve Vision
Reduces Damage Cause by  Oxidative Stress
Manage Gallbladder Function
Healthier Hair
Cures Coughs
Strengthens Teeth
Improves Brain Health
Prevents Regular Cold


Eucalyptus (species: Eucalyptus Globulus) is well known for its multiple health benefits! These include its ability to boost respiratory health and strengthen the immune system. In addition to that, it may also benefit healthy skin, ease stress and anxiety, and even eliminate inflammation! Below is a full list of benefits:


Boost Immune System
Aids in Respiratory Issues
Provides relief from anxiety stress
Helps to protect skin against infections
Aids in managing and preventing diabetes
Prevents atherosclerosis and hearth attacks.

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