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This device will transform an ordinary water into terahertz water in just 3 minutes…


Terahertz health water is only water in the strict sense, but it goes beyond the basic characteristics of water.

"Water (H2O) is an inorganic substance composed of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure.

The Terahertz Healthy Water Device irrigates the ordinary water with terahertz light wave, making it a much alive water with sentient vibration.

By drinking this energised water, it will create the resonance in the cellular level to be in tune with the cosmic frequency and the earth's magnetic field.

Most of the health problems are caused by the deviation of body frequency and magnetic field from the Nature, making it to be out of balance. By correcting and repairing the frequency deviation in the body, making it to be in-tune (pulsated) with the cosmic frequency and the earth's magnetic field, many body conditions can be improved.

Make an appointment (obligation free) with us, to taste the water freely and let your body tells the difference.

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