Sunten~Respire Aid 天冠10号(Ready Stock) 5g x 20 sachets


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Respire Aid 天冠10号
5g x 20 sachets

• Indication:
~ Help clear external pathogenic contractions, ~ ~ Help improve shortness of breath,
~ Help clear lung, help relieve fever, help suppress cough, help relieve headache and body pain.
~ Help relieve sore throat, help stop runny nose.


Release the exterior and diffuse the
lung, clear heat and detoxicate, soothe the chest to dispel phlegm, harmonize the stomach and
downward qi.

• Package: 5 grams granules per sachet /5g一包
20 sachets per box (total 100grams)/ 20包一盒
• Direction:
成人每次1包(5g),一天2~4次。三餐饭后半小时服用。可直接口服或搭配 400cc 开水服用。
Take 1 sachet(5g) 2~4 times daily directly or with 400cc water half hour after meals.
‐ Swallow the content directly or 直接口服
‐ Dissolve the content in cold water then drink it 冷水即溶。

• 調整體質、幫助消化
• 單包茶包設計,方便攜帶,自飲分享兩相宜
• 純天然無添加

• 免煎易服即溶顆粒劑型,冷水亦可沖服,適合呼吸道吞嚥困難患者服用。
• 單包設計,方便攜帶,隨身防護良伴。
• 高品質PIC/S GMP製程,符合各國安全规范。

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