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Self-Regulating capsules
for autonomic nerve

100% cold pressed, virgin and high quality multi fatty acid capsules. These fatty acid capsules with comprehensive perfect proportion and balanced application concept.

The product has passed by SGS test with food safety inspections. International standard process by GMP/HACCP manufacturers.

Specially designed for the needs of people with busy lifestyle. The quality is carefully selected and manufactured. This multi-functional high quality fatty acid supplements is indispensable to modern people.

Automatically regulates systemic functions such as digestion or blood circulation, respiration, and excretion. Autonomic nerves can be divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and the two kinds of nerves compete with each other and harmonize each other to achieve the balance of systemic function.

Main ingredients:
Cold pressed Coconut Oil
C8 medium chain fatty acid
Cold pressed virgin Perilla Oil
Cold pressed virgin Sacha Inchi Oil
Cold pressed virgin Chia Seed oil
Gelatin (glycerin, water, food grade polyethylene glycol).

Content: 200 pcs/1000 mg each

Usage: 3-5 capsules per time, few times per day, increase or decrease according to individual needs.

Storage: Kept in normal temperature room

Made in Taiwan.

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