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Raw Wild Honey 950gm

神奇天然大芭蜂蜜 Natural Raw Wild Honey Han mountain undulating rolling, the plains at the mountains, flowers are blooming, bees are work hard to take nectar; Miracle Raw Wild honey collected from among the flowers, the Department of the essence of flowers, Fragrance of sweet, nutritious, has the honey feature of heat and complements, detoxification, dryness, convergence, etc. It is the traditional honey varieties. Miracle Raw Wild honey is a nutrient-rich diet to share. Honey contains simple sugars and a small amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, organic acids, enzymes and other nutrients. We also like good material to brew enzymes. Clinically proven, with honey or honey with other drugs combined treatment of various diseases and achieved good results. Raw wild honey is able to eliminate heat, detoxify the body, promote moistening of the skin and etc. Raw wild honey is one of the traditional honey varieties. It is a nutrient-rich product to share. We can also use this good honey to make enzymes.

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