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Organic Rose Honey helps to:
√ Ease menstrual pain
√ Increase Vigor
√ Aphrodisiac Qualities
√ Alleviate Stress
√ Detoxify Liver

Go Pure Finest Infused Organic Rose Honey, a combination of rose oil and the liquid gold (acacia honey). These two raw materials were found in two different part of the world, Rose oil was gathered in the lower mountains of Central Bulgaria which were known by the world famous rose oil (Rosa Damascena).

Go Pure liquid gold (organic acacia honey) came acacia flower from the Acacia trees are sourced directly from the unpolluted highland of Romania, grown only on mineral-rich land. Hailed as liquid gold in Europe, Go Pure™ Organic Acacia Honey is ranked as one of the top kinds of honey in the world.

This exclusive blend not only clasps the health benefits of the duo but also results in a superior and unique taste. Rose Oil boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently fighting depression, and it also relieves anxiety.

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