Organic Coconut Cooking Oil, 750ml


Organic Coconut Cooking Oil, 750ml

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This oil is excellent for cooking with high heat because it has a high smoke point from its stable saturated fat structure.
Cooking with this oil makes every dish tastes better, crispier & healthier and does not become a source of Trans Fat.
It contains mostly MCFAs & Lauric Acid,which makes it easier to digest and converts to energy because of its smaller molecular structure.

Agrilife Organic Coconut Cooking Oil is 

– Certified Organic
– High Smoke Point
– Contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA)
– Contains Lauric Acid
– Dish becomes crispy & healthy
– No Trans Fats
– Easily digested & improves metabolism
– Economical

To remove the coconut smell from the oil when cooking, medium heat the oil first with any herb or spices of your choice & turn off when satisfied.

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