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What Does Our Ultra Omega-3
Vitamin Do?

Our Ultra Omega-3 Vitamin with fish oil has an advanced formulation that delivers the “good” fats needed for healthy cells and joints as we age, and also supports heart and cardiovascular health and brain health and function.*

NoorVitamins’ Ultra Omega-3 meets or exceeds the highest international standards for purity and freshness. Supports the health of joints, brain, heart and cardiovascular system and may reduce inflammation and support a healthy mood.*

Why Take Our Ultra Omega-3 Vitamin?

Because NoorVitamins’ Ultra Omega-3 advanced formulation delivers the “good” fats needed for healthy cells and joints as we age.*

What are the benefits of our Ultra Omega-3 Vitamin?

Brain Health

Molecular distillation process ensures pure, clean, fresh fish oil*

Joint Health

Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties which may help with joint health*

Heart Health

May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease*

Skin and Nail Health

Supports the healthy growth of skin and nails*

Adults take two (2) Soft gels daily, preferably with a meal, as a dietary supplement.

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