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Neti Pot (Ceramic)

A Neti pot is a device used for irrigating the nasal passages. Neti pots can be made from ceramic, glass, various metals, or plastic. However, ceramic and glass ones are preferred for their inert nature. Neti pot is used to flush out the nasal cavities by using gravity to draw the flow of saline. 

A typical saline solution is a mixture of around 500 ml of water with 5 g of salt. Sodium bicarbonate is sometimes added (2.5 g) to buffer the solution and make it more gentle on the sinuses.

The Neti pot used with a saline solution has been shown to be an effective treatment for hay fever, sinusitis, and other nasal conditions.

The history of nasal cleansing can be traced back in Ancient India, as an Ancient Ayurvedic technique. The practice of using a Neti Pot for nasal cleansing is called Jala-Neti which literally means to cleanse the nose with water. It is still commonly practiced throughout India, especially for yoga practitioner. In modern times, saline nasal irrigation (SNI) has become more widely accepted as a home remedy to relieve conditions such as allergies, colds and mild sinus infections.

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