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The English name (Motherwort) reflects the long history of use for easing tension, anxiety, cramps in new and expecting mothers (more on that below) and supporting the circulatory system. This is a plant native to Asia and Eastern Europe.

She is a member of the mint family and spreads wildly as mints do. The main species in comerce for western herbalists is Leonurus cardiaca, though Traditional Chinese Medicine often employs other species. Leonurus, translated from Greek likely means lion's tail (leon – lion and ouros – tail). Cardiaca references the heart, the organ with which this plant has a strong affinity. 

Motherwort is a hearty garden plant that can be planted in partial sun in a most gardens. She is gorgeous. Big, leafy, green, fierce. The plant blossoms in late summer and it is the tall, blossoming stalks and leaves that are collected and used in herbal medicine. They can be made into tincture, glycerite, tea or acetum depending on your use. She is delightfully cooling and bitter, tasting like the color deep green.

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