Kaffir Lime Body Cleansing Gel (300ml x 2)


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Kaffir Lime Body Cleansing Gel
300ml x 2 bottles

Skin Care:
Kaffir lime juice and extracts are mixed into many cosmetic and bath products for its wonderful smell, as well as its antioxidants properties. Some of the acids found in kaffir limes can help to neutralize free radicals, the dangerous byproducts of cellular respiration that can cause cell mutation or apoptosis. Antioxidant compounds also slow the breakdown of cells and minimize the appearance of age marks, scars, and pimples. If you want your skin looking healthy and fresh well into your old age, then perhaps some kaffir lime juice is precisely what you need!

Insect Repellant:
In the countries where kaffir lime was traditionally grown, insect-borne diseases can kill thousands of people each year. For that reason, kaffir limes are often used for their insect repellant properties. The citronellol and limonene found in kaffir limes are very unappealing to most insects, and when you put a lotion or a salve containing kaffir lime juice/oil on your skin, you can significantly decrease your chances of being bitten by bugs, whether they may infect you or not.

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