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Heart Health
60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-2 capsules twice a day or more as needed in between meals.

INGREDIENTS: Extracts of Hawthorn, ginseng, eleuthero, poria coco, ginkgo, schizandra. Powders of arjuna, asparagus root, licorice, amla, tulasi, andrographis, ashoka, motherwort.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is considered to be the Emperor of all internal organs. It’s role is not only that of a pump, which circulates oxygenated blood to every cell in the body – it is also the seat of what the Chinese call Shen or Heart mind. Shen is where true human intuitive intelligence lies. In the western parlance we call it ‘the abode of the soul’.


A healthy, calm heart will positively influence your experience and perception of life. This formula is designed to invigorate your heart’s pumping action whilst also balancing the Shen, calming anxiety and excessive nervous energy. It helps to improve overall circulation, and strengthens the cardio vascular system.

Dehydration, whether through acidity and/or not enough water absorption in the cells, creates viscosity; thickness in the blood plasma. This forces the heart to pump harder simply because it takes more energy to move thicker fluids. This acidity and increased friction causes inflamed arterial walls, as the body’s natural self defense mechanism is to create cholesterol to line the arterial walls and protect them from corroding.

Using our HEART HEALTH formula is a great start. To further avoid acidity in the heart, keep your adrenal glands and kidneys in good health.

Use our KIDNEY CLEANSE CAPS and ADRENAL TONIC formulas to keep your system functioning properly and use our LYMPH DETOX to drain the acid and toxicity, allowing your system to alkalize and regenerate.

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