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hbf Active Enzyme High Fiber Beverage, 20 sachets
– Naturally Occurring Organic Food –

Good Health Begins with a Healthy Colon.

Active bowel movement (2 – 3 times daily) is essential for good healthy and outer beauty.

Present day ailments are often a direct result from an unhealthy colon. It has been stated by the Royal Society of Medicine from Great Britain that more than 65 different health problems are caused by an unhealthy colon and an average person may have 1-12 kilograms of build-up waste present witihin the colon. This would subsequently lead to diseases brought about by the accumulation of bacteria and toxins within the colon. Threrefore, internal cleansing is required for a healthy, active lifestyle, especially in a fast-paced society where the consumption of fast food is considered a norm.

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