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Hair & Scalp Therapy Device

This device is designed for therapeutic purposes related to the head, scalp and hair, such as promoting relaxation, relieving stress, or addressing specific scalp- and hair-related issues, toxicity from hair dyes for example.

Product Size Parameters:

  1. Specifications:
    • Height: 68 cm
    • Length: 66 cm
    • Width: 52 cm
  2. Functions:
    • Water circulation
    • Constant temperature water therapy
    • Photon therapy
    • Steaming
  3. Settings:
    • 6 settings, possibly referring to operational modes or power adjustment levels.
  4. Other Features:
    • Can be assembled with various beauty beds and steaming beds, indicating compatibility with other beauty equipment.
    • Equipped with rolling wheels for flexible mobility, allowing easy movement.

These details suggest that the product is likely a multifunctional beauty device with features such as water therapy, photon therapy, and steaming. Additionally, its size and mobility make it suitable for various beauty environments, and its compatibility with other beauty equipment enhances versatility and applicability.

Price includes shipping and demonstration at our office. Without installation.

  1. 规格尺寸:
    • 高度: 68 厘米
    • 长度: 66 厘米
    • 宽度: 52 厘米
  2. 功能:
    • 水循环
    • 水疗恒温
    • 光子理疗
    • 熏蒸
  3. 档位:
    • 6 个档位,可能指的是产品的操作模式或功率调节档位。
  4. 其他特点:
    • 可拼接各种美容床、熏蒸床,这意味着产品设计考虑了与其他美容设备的组合和协同使用。
    • 带轮子滚动,具有灵活移动的特性,这增加了产品的便携性和灵活性。


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