Bacillus Bulgaricus Yogurt Starter


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Bacillus Bulgaricus Yogurt Culture Starter
(High Strength)

11gm enough to make more than 25 packets of 1L milk to yogurt. Just need about 0.4gm of yogurt culture for 1L milk.

Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture – natural, the home-made starter culture contains a selected cultures for making Bulgarian yogurt, enriched with unique type of Bifidobacteries. The Bifidobacteries are part of the natural microfloral environment of the human intestinal tract and are present in newly born babies. Passing through the stomach barrier, they attach to the walls of the small intestine and work against unwanted bacteria and boosting the immune system. Consuming dairy products containing Bifidobacteries and Lactobacillus is the perfect way of maintaining a healthy microflora balance in the digestive tract.

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