身体的各个器官都是通过血管输送营养的:从大血管、小血管、毛细血管直到细胞间液包括:  组织液(组织间隙液的简称)、血浆(血液的液体部分)和淋巴、脑脊液等 ,然后才能进入细胞。而细胞代谢的废物则是从反方向:先从细胞排出到细胞间液,再一层层由细到粗地往外推,最终化为汗液、尿液、粪便等排出体外!









For better health, let’s start from improving microcirculation

According to the observation, the vast majority of chronic diseases are circulatory diseases.

When it comes to circulation, many people think that it is only limited to cardiovascular problems.

This is not the case. Usually, problems in circulation begin from small to large. That is, long before the arteries and coronary arteries are showing sign of problem, the microcirculation system has already been suffering from reduced or blocked circulation.

All organs of the body (all are made up of cells) received nutrients through blood vessels. The simplified transportation sequence is as such: from large blood vessels, small blood vessels, capillaries to intercellular fluid, including tissue fluid (the abbreviation of interstitial fluid), plasma (the liquid part of blood), lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, etc., before entering cells. The waste of cell metabolism is being dispelled in a reverse order. The waste is discharged into interstitial fluid first then into blood vessels, and finally turned into sweat, urine, feces and so on!

Generally, the circulation consists of capillaries and below (so called microcirculation)accounts for about 80% of the liquid circulation of the whole human body. Therefore, if the body has problems, it starts at the level of microvessels and intercellular fluid. 

There are things that we can do in our daily life to improve microcirculation:

  • Enough rest and sleep
  • Moderate exercise: walking, cycling, etc
  • Stretching, yoga, deep breathing, qigong, etc
  • Diet: eat more vegetables rich in phytochemicals, Cruciferae (cauliflower, Korean cabbage, etc.), vegetables of various colors (carrots, purple sweet potatoes, purple cabbage, tomatoes, white radish, green leafy vegetables, etc.). Spices that can warm the body: including black pepper, ginger, yellow ginger, etc
  • Drink enough pure water, more warm water and less iced drinks

Drink fermented tea (red/black teas), brown sugar ginger tea, etc.

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