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  • Strengthens weak joints
  • Heals and improves joint function
  • Helpful with symptoms caused by injuries
  • Eases long term congestion and pain

60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs per capsule


DIRECTIONS: Take 1-3 capsules twice a day or as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Andrographis; 10:1 extracts of chondroitin* (glucosamine sulphate), boswellia, corydalis, comfrey, yucca, horsetail, stinging nettle, willow bark, cissus, devil’s claw, cassia seed, burdock, marshmallow

Most chronic joint issues stem from overall body acidity, dryness, rapid oxidation and emotional holding patterns. Some joint issues may be caused by old injuries which have not been properly healed, creating ongoing flare-ups when the system is under stress.


Acidity breaks down tissue in the body. The weakest parts of the body are greatly determined by the type of emotional blockages we carry and by our inherent weakness. Each emotional blockage creates energetic stagnation in the place where we hold our unresolved emotions or trauma, which translates into a physical weakness.

Since each person holds their emotional issues in a unique pattern, the same constitutional conditions may reflect as different health problems in different individuals. For example, acidosis may negatively impact one person’s bones, another person’s teeth and still, another person’s internal organs.

Therefore, to deeply address joint issues, it is important to look into improving overall health and addressing the underlying contributors to one’s condition.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the lower back, knees, ankles and legs are controlled by the kidney energy. Most pain, weakness and discomfort from the waist down is connected to kidney weakness. Addressing back issues, the spine can be seen as a series of joints.

To work on the core causes of most joint problems, use our family of detox formulas to cleanse and alkalize your body whilst also working with practitioners to release blocked emotions; reduce stress and change those aspects of your lifestyle which cause your body to oxidize/ break down faster than it can self-heal.


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