Colon Cleanse Extra | Ming Herbs

For people with slow metabolism; chronically slow digestion; too much dampness; those who are often constipated or, who are looking for extra purging. This formula eliminates parasites and has increased the purging effect compared to Colon Cleanse.

90 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH



Start with 1 capsule twice a day with meals. Keep increasing by 2 capsules a day thereafter if you do not experience extra bowel movements and/or more volume in each movement, until you have 3 good bowel movements a day. Cleanse for 2-3 cycles, with each cycle being 4 weeks on this formula and 1 week off.


Andrographis, licorice; 10:1 extracts of cascara sagrada, slippery elm, senna, turkey rhubarb, cassia seed, black walnut hull, clove, marshmallow, cat’s claw, pumpkin seed, white oak bark, wormwood.

A healthy gut is essential for good health. When our gut health is compromised because of toxic waste build-up, the intestinal walls become weakened and/or inflamed, which negatively impacts the general health of our body.


If you combine a problematic gut with weak digestive power from the stomach, liver and pancreas, adding chronically weak adrenals and kidneys, you are set up for big health problems in the near and distant future.

This scenario is more and more common for many people.

Your small intestine walls have finger-like villi which pick up nutrients that have been broken down in the stomach. The process of breaking down food involves stomach acid, bile salts produced in the liver and pancreatic enzymes. The broken-down food also has to be properly chewed to the state of liquid porridge before it gets to the stomach.

If the food particles are not small enough for the villi to absorb them by the time the food reaches the small intestine, the body cannot use them as nutrients. Thereby, it is crucial for your health to have a strong digestion and clean intestines.

You can approach this by reducing stress and by using this formula for increasing intestinal health and function, as well as by improving your digestion with combinations of LIVER & BLOOD HEALTH, STONE DISSOLVER, DIGEST AID, ADRENAL SUPPORT and PANCREAS HEALTH formulas.

Also make sure to eat fresh good quality food and chew each bite (including juices) for at least 15-20 times, ideally 30 times. It takes 21 days to acquire each new habit.