Frequent Urination at Night


About frequent urination, especially at night. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is kidney deficiency, but with age, our heart function has been diminishing. In other words, the ability to transport water and liquid is much lower than before. The frequency of urination during the day may not be so noticeable as we are active and budy. But, after the body calms down at night, coupled with the lack of deep sleep, the frequency of urination become very disturbing. I personally believe that soaking your feet in hot water before going to bed is very effective in promoting sleep and reducing urinary frequency. First, hot water warms the blood and kidney, which can reduce the condition of kidney yang deficiency; Second, the increase of body temperature during foot soaking promote sweating, assist in the elimination of water, regulate the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, improve the quality of sleep and reduce the interference of frequent urination. Some ladies also have incontinence and frequent urination due to the weakness of bladder and sphincter. This can be improved by strengthening the elasticity and strength of muscles in relevant parts through some yoga postures and breathing exercises. As for men over the age of 50, enlargement of the prostate may lead to frequent urination and inability to urinate. This can be solved by some herbal extracts. Thank you! 🙏

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