Be Mindful of Uric Acid Issues When Avoiding Staple Foods.

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Online, there was a young woman who had been eating light meals for a long time in an attempt to lose weight. The result was skyrocketing uric acid levels!

She said, “Here’s what happened: because I wanted to lose weight, I often ordered light meals for lunch. The meat in these light meals is usually chicken breast or chicken thigh, and I kept eating like that… As a result, my uric acid levels went from over 300μmol/L to a whopping 580μmol/L!”

After discovering that her uric acid levels were off the charts, she tested her uric acid levels continuously for a week, and the results remained around 580μmol/L. No matter how much water or lemon water she drank, she couldn’t bring her uric acid levels down.

Finally, she realized that chicken breast and chicken thigh were the culprits! Chicken breast contains 137mg of purine per 100g, while chicken thigh has 140mg per 100g.

In comparison, beef has a purine value of 80mg/100g. So, for those with high uric acid levels, it’s better to stick to beef and other low-purine foods.

Another case, Mr. Wu, who resides in Shandong and comes from a family of fishermen, has been fishing with his father since he was a child and grew up eating seafood. He now runs his own seafood restaurant.

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During a medical check-up, Mr. Wu’s uric acid levels were found to be 520μmol/L, and he was diagnosed with hyperuricemia. The doctor advised him to eat fewer high-purine foods, especially seafood, which he often consumed.

Seafood contains extremely high levels of purines, with sardines, mackerel, shrimp, and shellfish containing as much as 2000~3000mg of purines per 100g.

Listening to the doctor’s advice, Mr. Wu indeed stopped eating seafood. However, about three months later, he went out for a drink with friends. When he returned home, he experienced severe lower back pain, and his wife rushed him to the hospital.

After undergoing tests at the hospital, it was discovered that Mr. Wu’s uric acid levels had soared to 830μmol/L, and his kidneys had already started to fail…

It was later revealed by his wife that Mr. Wu had indeed stopped eating seafood, but she often made him chicken soup out of concern for her husband.