Ultra Co-Enzyme Q10 + Ginseng


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Co-Enzyme Q10 + Ginseng
Pump Up Your Energy!
A remarkably excellent nutrient for the heart!

30 Veggie Capsules.

Coenzyme Q10 also known as Ubiquinone is present throughout the human body. It aids metabolic reactions, such as the transformation of food into ATP, the energy used by the body and also helps to stabilize the cell membranes. As a result, the body maintains its normal activity levels, while strengthening the immune system.

Co-enzyme Q10 is most abundant in the mitochondria of all the cells in the body especially in vital organs such as the liver and the heart. Co-enzyme Q10 is an essential co-factor of the electron transport chain as well as a potent free radical scavenger in lipid and mitochondrial membranes and it also helps to strengthen immunity making one less susceptible to infections.

Key Benefits

Contains high concentration of Co-enzyme Q10 to serve as a potent anti-oxidant and to help maintain long-lasting cellular respiration and reduce the formation of abnormal cells.

Enriched with L-Carnitine which is effective in helping to control cardiovascular issue.

Contains Citrus Bioflavonoids and Ginseng to boost one’s immune system.

~ Help to boost immune system.
~ Help to improve stamina and concentration power.
~ Help with allergies issue.

Normal Maintenance:
Take 1 capsule, once daily before meal.

Special Maintenance:
Take 2-3 capsules, three times daily before meal.

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