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Phyto Ex-Cell (Stem Cell from Plant Placenta) is a regenerative skin care supplement that contains ultra-fine placentas and multi-vitamins from 14 rare plants to speed up the production of healthy skin and Collagen for a silky-smooth skin.

Placentas are widely used in skincare products due to its regenerative properties, however, 90% originate from an animal source which contains hormones and could pose some risk. Therefore, a plant-based placenta is the better choice, which gives very similar regenerative effects.

Active ingredients mainly all 14 Rare Plant Placentas and Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E) are of High-Absorption grade with the use of Nano-Technology which allows your body to absorb most nutrients effectively.

~ Regenerates, Restores & Repairs Cell
~ Powerful Anti-aging effects
~ Metabolic & Slimming effects
~ Skin Firming & Beauty effects
~ Rejuvenates Cells & Tissues
~ Expect other benefits as well.

CONTENT: 60 softgels


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