Fucoidan Induces Apoptosis

This anti-tumour property of Fucoidan is observed and reported by the Biomedical Research Laboratories of Takara Shuzo and the Research Institute for Glycotechnology Advancement.

The cancer cell strains used were acute promyelocytic leukaemia cells (HL-60 cell line), stomach cancer cells (AGS cell line), colon cancer cells (HCT-116 cell line), and cancer cells of the descending colon (SW-480 cell line/WiDr cell line).

As reported, the self-destruction takes place without affecting normal cells.

A Japanese researcher and medical doctor (name withheld, as a Japanese seafood company claimed to be the representative of this doctor wrote to express its displeasure of us disclosing his name) presented 16 case studies of the effect of Fucoidan on various cancers in his book on Fucoidan. The studies include cancers of colon, pancreas, lung, liver, prostate, cervical etc.

All patients have benefited greatly from the introduction of Fucoidan in their diet.

The author claims that the Fucoidan achieves the feast through THREE mechanisms: Induce apoptosis (self-destruction) on the cancer cells; boost the immunity and prevent the tumour from Angiogenesis, which is essentially cutting off the nutrient supply to the cancerous growth.

Please note that, based on our own opinion, the liquid form of Fucoidan is more potent than powder form. Please procure the product from a reputable manufacturer and reliable source, as Fucoidan is derived from seaweeds and in many places, sea water is highly polluted.