Soup of Four Wonders 四神汤

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The soup of four wonders is made from Poria, Chinese yam, lotus seeds and Gorgon fruits.

It has many benefits to the human body, such as strengthening the spleen, strengthening the lungs, removing dampness, nourishing the face, clearing fire, and diuretic.

Legend has it that when Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty went to the south of the Yangtze River, the four courtiers accompanying him fell ill one after another due to stress, traveling in boats and vehicles, and unaccustomed to the soil and water.

Faced with such a situation, even the imperial doctor was helpless. Subsequently, a monk appeared after feeling the pulses of the sicks and prescribed a soup made of “stewed pork belly in equal amounts of lotus seeds, gorgon, Chinese yam, and Poria”.

After the four ministers took the medicinal soup, they recovered immediately. Since then, every court official on a southern tour will use this recipe to prepare soup to nourish their health.


  1. Gorgon 20g
  2. Lotus seeds 20 grams
  3. Chinese Barley 20g
  4. Poria 15g
  5. 20 grams of dried Chinese yam or half of raw yam
  6. Codonopsis 20g
  7. Jujubes 10 pcs
  8. Unbleached rock sugar 30g


  1. Wash the gorgon, lotus seeds, poria, jujube, Coix Seed and Chinese yam with cold water beforehand. If using raw yam, peel and cut into pieces.
  2. Put the above ingredients into a pot, add cold water and rock sugar. Bring to a boil over high heat and simmer until the coix seeds and gorgon are soft then serve.

Why would you want to drink soup of four wonders often?

Remove dampness from the body. Because cold and dampness produces phlegm and coagulation, the viscera, blood vessels, and body fluids will become blocked and stagnated. Sweat, cold, low body temperature, staying up late, etc. can cause the dampness condition. Nourishes the face and improves the elasticity of the muscles: Soup of four wonders nourishes the spleen and removes dampness from the spleen, which, in turn nourishes the blood, improve the elasticity of the muscles and reduce the phenomenon of sagging. Therefore, women must consume soup of four wonders often. According to the TCM’s five elements, the spleen belongs to the earth, and the earth can produce metal. And, the lungs belongs to metal. Therefore, a good spleen and stomach can improve the function of the lungs. It has a beneficial effect on Qi deficiency, palpitations, and weakness that appear after illness or virus infection.

Who are suitable for drinking the soup of four wonders?

  • People above 6 years old with spleen deficiency
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss
  • Tongue with white coating with tooth marks around it
  • The stool is not formed and sticky
  • The complexion is yellow and dull
  • Dark circles around the eyes and big eye bags
  • Being overweight or too thin
  • Skin laxity

The function of various ingredients:

  1. Gorgon has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stopping diarrhea, nourishing the kidney and strengthening the essence, removing dampness and stopping belts, etc.
  2. Lotus seeds have the effects of invigorating the spleen and stopping diarrhea, nourishing the heart and soothing the nerves, nourishing the kidney and strengthening the essence
  3. The main effect of Coix Seed is diuresis and to reduce dampness and strengthen the spleen
  4. Poria “nourishes yin and dehumidifies”. It can also clear heat and detoxify, eliminate acne, refresh the face, strengthen muscles and bones, and has curative effects on women’s diseases and skin diseases
  5. Chinese Yam can help people to improve the condition of weak body, weak spleen and stomach, insufficient kidney qi, lung deficiency and cough
  6. Codonopsis is sweet and balanced in nature. There are invigorating Qi, quenching thirst, invigorating the spleen and benefiting the lungs, nourishing blood and producing body fluid.
  7. Jujube is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which is very beneficial for improving microcirculation, maintaining the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and resisting atherosclerosis (in today’s pandemic, the virus attack and damage the walls of large and small blood vessels, so pay attention to ingesting jujube dates)
  8. Unbleached rock sugar has the functions of invigorating the middle triple warmer (中焦)and replenishing qi, harmonizing the stomach and moistening the lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, dispelong fire & quenching thirst, clearing heat and reducing turbidity, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, relieving sweat and detoxifying, etc. Bloody phlegm, chronic cough due to yin deficiency, dry mouth and throat, sore throat, night sweats in children, toothache due to excessive exposure to external evils of wind and fire.

Information and photos provided by: Wellness Advocate, Edwin Low Nontoxic Wellness 62922991


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  • 芡实20克
  • 莲子20克
  • 薏仁20克
  • 茯苓15克
  • 山药20克/生山药半根
  • 党参 20克
  • 大枣 10个
  • 未漂白冰糖:30克


  • 事先将薏仁、芡实、莲子、茯苓、大枣、山药干用冷水洗干净。若是用生山药,就去皮切块。
  • 把以上食材放进锅里,加入冷水和冰糖。大火烧沸,慢火煮至薏苡仁松软。就可食用。


  • 去身体的湿气。因为寒湿生痰生凝,脏腑、血脉、体液就会出现淤堵及硬化的现象。流汗、受寒、体温偏低、熬夜等都会造成湿气。
  • 养颜、提高肌肉的弹性:四神汤补脾、去脾湿,就能养血和提高肌肉的弹性减少下垂的现象。所以女性要懂得吃四神汤。
  • 脾五行属土,土能生金。肺五行属金。所以脾胃好,能够提升肺的功能。对生病或病毒感染后出现的气虚、心悸、无力的现象,有补益的效果。


  • 6岁以上,脾虚人群
  • 食欲不振,体型消瘦
  • 舌苔白,周边有齿痕
  • 大便不成型,粘马桶
  • 脸色发黄、无光泽
  • 没熬夜,却有黑眼圈,眼袋大
  • 过于肥胖或消瘦
  • 皮肤松弛


  • 芡实有补脾止泻、益肾固精、祛湿止带等功能
  • 莲子具有补脾止泻、养心安神、益肾固精的功效
  • 薏苡仁主要功效為利水滲湿並且健脾
  • 茯苓“滋阴、除湿”。它还能清热解毒、消除暗疮、养颜提神、强化筋骨,对妇女病和皮肤病有疗效
  • 山药可以帮助人们改善身体虚弱、脾胃虚弱、肾气不足、肺虚咳嗽的情况
  • 党参味甘,性平。 有补中益气、止渴、健脾益肺,养血生津。
  • 大枣中含有丰富的维生素C、维生素P,对健全毛细血管、维持血管壁弹性,抗动脉粥样硬化很有益(当今的肺炎,破坏的就是大大小小的血管壁,所以要注意摄取大枣)
  • 未漂白冰糖具有补中益气、和胃润肺、止咳化痰、祛烦消渴、清热降浊、养阴生津、止汗解毒等功能,可用于治疗中气不足、肺热咳嗽、咯痰带血、阴虚久咳、口燥咽干、咽喉肿痛、小儿盗汗、风火牙痛等病症。 



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