Season Herbs Brown Rice Beverage 四神糙米饮品


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Season Herbs Brown Rice Beverage 四神糙米饮品
Weight: 25g x 18 sachets

EL Season Herbs Brown Rice Beverage is processed using natural brown rice & Si Shen (四神) prescription (Barley, semen Euryales, Chinese Yam, Poriacocos & Lotus seed).

It is processed using advanced scientific method-Alpha Swelling Process, which is able to enhance & refine the brown rice & herbs into powder form so that it can be absorbed seasily. EL Season Brown RIce Beverage is beneficial in enhancing the digestive system & body metabolism, thus refreshing & nourishing our mind. It is absolutely an ideal & healthy beverage among children & adults.


All product made from BROWN RICE / 以糙米为主的健康产品。

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