Red Yeast 568, 30 sachets


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ANKASCIN® 568-R is clinically proven effective for:
~ Regulating healthy levels of blood lipids & blood glucose.
~ Supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.
~ Supporting circulatory health.
~ Supporting healthy metabolism.

HCW Red Yeast 568 is a safe-to-use daily dietary supplement that brings the health benefits of ANKASCIN® 568-R. It is formulated and manufactured by SunWay Biotech Co. Ltd—worldwide patent owner, manufacturer, and sole supplier of ANKASCIN® 568-R. Unlike other red yeast rice products, ANKASCIN® 568-R contains no monacolin K, lovastatin and the like, therefore is free of statin-induced risks and side effects thereof.

ANKASCIN® 568-R is the only dietary ingredient on the market approved by U.S. FDA containing extract of red yeast rice. Its active compounds have undergone extensive scientific studies.

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