Organic Natto Enzyme 375ml


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Miracle Organic Natto Enzyme 375ml

The Miracle of Natto Enzyme: the Japanese are the world's oldest national recognized. Since the Japanese love to eat Natto, and Natto contains many of the beneficial biological objects, such as: vitamin B group, vitamin K, Saponins, Iso-flavones, amino acids and linoleic acid. Moreover, in the 1980's, Western scientists discovered the miracle effects of the Natto, a kind of enzyme in the original as Natto nattokinase, can break down blood clots in the prevention of myocardial infarction, high Blood pressure and so on. Cause of death in heart disease is ranked the top three, so it can add the miracle of Natto Enzyme.


Nattokinase is an excellent enzyme, which can dissolve blood clots, and to remove the clot blood vessels, so that the normal flow of blood to prevent heart disease, stroke and other diseases. Therefore, Nattokinase is an excellent health care can prevent cardiovascular disease; and rewrite the new concept of prevention of cardiovascular disease products.

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