Moxa Pain Extinguisher 掌中灸 10ml


Moxa Pain Extinguisher

掌中灸 10ml

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Moxa Pain Extinguisher 掌中灸 10ml

Relieves pain in 30 seconds by acting on the underlying causes of blood and qi stagnation that leads to chronic pain. The essence of the oil is activated by the heat of the palm, and pressing the palm against the acupuncture points or affected parts of the body. Suitable for those 12 years old and above. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Made in Singapore.

Camphor Oil:
Traditionally used to treat inflammatory conditions including joint pain.

Flos Carthami:
Used in Chinese medicine to reduce pain by removing blood stagnation and promoting blood circulation.

Drip 1 to 2 drops onto centre of palm.

Press palm on affected area till heat is felt for 5 to 7 seconds. Remove palm and pat lightly.

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