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EyeMoore, Nutrition for your eye and maintain clear vision. 15 sachets x 2g.

1. XanMax®Calendula officinalis extract (Lutien & Zeaxanthin)
Xamax extraction is a natural extraction of Lutien and Zeaxanthin which can be easily absorb by our body. This patent can only be found in America, Europe and Japan.
Lutien and Zeaxanthin is proven, to be known as “The Invisible Sunglass”, which helps to reduce the harmful effect from blue ray and strong glare which affect our Retina, Macula damage and maintain our sharpness and clear vision of our eyes.
Lutien and Zeaxanthin can only be absorb to our body via food intake. As for usual food that contain Lutien and Zeaxanthin, they can only stay in our Retina for 6 hours. XanMax technology is enabling the Lutien and Zeaxanthin to have a longer duration in our Retina for up to 24hours.

2. Kuromanin Japanese Black Bean Polyphenols.
Kuromanin Black bean Polyphenols, also known as Melanin, is an organic Melanin that has be proven to be one of the strongest antioxidants. ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capicity) The most important impact that they create is to maintain and improve vision.

The patent technology allows us to compress the finest extraction of Japanese black bean from 5000kg into 1kg.

According to clinical test from Japan, more than 80% of the users have significant improvement for their eye sight, adapting to switch of darkness and brightness, reduce in eye tiredness after one month of consumption.

3. Astabio Haematococcus Pluvialis Astaxanthin Extract.
Haematococcus Pluvialis Astaxanthin is one of the natural antioxidant that can be found on the planet.

Researchers found out that, as we aged, our immunity to free radicals will decrease. Thus, Cataract, Presbyopia happens when we aged. With the help of Astabio, we are able to improve the immunity, protect and repair our eyes.

Health Benefit of Eyemoore:
• Improve vision
• Reduce tiredness of eyes
• Prevent infra ray
• Protect eye capillaries
• Prevent Blue ray from damage our eye
• Mid eye nervous system
• Improve eye adjustment ability
• Improve Eye sight
• Improve Sharpness
• Increase night vision
• Anti-aging
• Improve Retinal Cells regeneration

Other Benefit:
• Improve sleep
• Improve brain health
• Protect cardiovascular
• Remove free radicals
• Anti-aging
• Increase immunity
• Improve joint health

How to consume:
Consume one sachet a day for 3 months to see significant improvement

Eye disease patient will be advised to take up to more than 6 months in order to see improvement.

Take 1 sachet every 2 days for maintenance purpose.

Consume after dinner to improve absorption

Drink more water, massage the eyes will show better result.

*Eyemoore is a vision supplement. It is not a medicine and cannot replace medication.

Please consult doctor if there is any doubt on the product.

Eyemoore is a natural organic health supplement.

Vegetarian can consume this product.

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