Infusion Rooibos Red Tea (Caffeine Free)15 sachets


Infusion Rooibos Red Tea
15 sachets
Caffeine Free

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Infusion Rooibos Red Tea (15 sachets)
Caffeine Free.

– Pronounced roy-boss, also known as Mountain Treasure Tea, comes only from the Cedarberg Mountains in the remote area of central South Africa.

– This herbal tea naturally contains antioxidant and has been enjoyed for countless generations by native South Africans.

– Rooibos Tea has a pleasantly sweet taste, biscuit, honey like flavour and is naturally caffeine-free. Can be enjoyed both with or without milk.

– Can be steeped in the cup for long time without the aftertaste of tannins!

– Perfect night cuppa without affecting sleep as it contains no caffeine!

– Its the most enjoyed caffeine-free herbal tea in the world.

– Totally suitable for children.

– Replacing canned drinks with INFUSION Rooibos tea can improve your body’s natural immunity to virus.

– Protecting the environment by minimizing packaging material with a tagless design pillow pack.

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