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Cacao Paste (Euphoria Grade)

Made from wild-grown, non-GMO, 100% raw, heirloom variety (hon-hybrid), certified organic, kosher & fair trade ceremonial grade cacao.

Why is WOW Superfoods’ cacao paste different?

Firstly, WOW Superfoods’ cacao paste is simply blocks of pure cacao much like chocolate – just that it is 100% pure, and raw – which retains all its alchemical and chemical benefits. Our method of processing employs a non-heat crushing of the raw cacao beans into a “liquor”, which then very rapidly solidifies at room temperature – yielding this end product, the “cacao paste”. Note that before this process, our cacao beans are minimally fermented for 2-4 days on cane covered in banana leaves and purely sun-dried to eradicate mycotoxins and prevent their buildup!

Our raw cacao paste does not bring excess heatiness to the body unless it has undergone high temperature processing as in conventional chocolate.

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