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Brittany Sea Salt is naturally moist salt harvested from the Atlantic seawater off the coast of Brittany, France. This type of salt are harvested using the Celtic method of wooden rakes allowing no metal to touch the salt.

It is naturally aired and sun-dried in clay ponds and gathered with wooden tools to preserve its living enzymes. Because it is unrefined, with no chemical and preservatives nor any other additives.

Being of a grayish hue, it is naturally harvested in Brittany France near the Celtic Sea using a 2,000-year old Celtic method that is crucial to preserving its life-giving nutrition profile.

Sea Salt vs Table Salt
Table “salt” is manufactured by taking natural salt (such as crude oil flake leftovers) and heating it to 1200° Fahrenheit. Table salt is heavily processed in excessive heat that removes 82 out of the 84 minerals in salt, leaving behind only sodium and chloride. During this extreme process, the chemical composition is completely altered and all of the nutritional benefits are destroyed. Ultimately, this processed “fake” salt puts people at risk of developing cardiovascular events and chronic disease because of elevated blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Real sea salt are unprocessed, a little grayish in color, and a little moist.

Ingredients:Sea Salt
Product Origin: France
Shelf Life: Approx 36 months

Net Volume: 200g
~Low in Sodium
~Mineral rich
~No artificial additives

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