Brazilian Green Propolis with Rosehip, 60 capsules


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Brazilian Green Propolis with Rosehip
60 capsules

Each capsule contains:
250mg Brazillian Green Propolis Extract (Providing 7.5mg flavonoids, 3.5% Artepillin-C and 7.5% Phenolic Compounds) 150mg Rosehips Extract

Each bottle contains 60 capsules. Two capsules are equivalent to 1ml (20 drops) of Brazillian Green Propolis liquid at 15% flavonoids (15mg/ml)

Recommended Dosage:

Health Maintenance:
One capsule, twice daily preferably after meals (15mg flavonoids per day)

Therapeutic Dose:
Two capsules, up to 3 times daily or as advised by qualified health practitioners.

Primary Application
1. Natural relief from flu, cough and sore throat.
2. Natural antibiotic and anti-viral properties. May boost the effectiveness of prescription antibiotics
3. Highly recommended for people who undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy and at remission stage as adjuvant therapy
4. Beneficial for individuals with compromised immunity

VitalGuard Brazilian Green Propolis With Rosehip Capsule contains high-grade Brazillian Green Propolis and Rosehips. The combination provides high levels of flavonoids, Arterpillin-C, phenolic compounds, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

While most liquid propolis has an extremely pungent smell and awful taste, VitalGuard Brazilian Green Propolis comes in capsule form for easy consumption and convenience.

*Capsule form instead of liquid form to avoid the extreme pungent smell and awful taste
*High level of flavonoids (15gm daily)
*Enhanced with rosehips

Nature’s Gift For Good Immune Health

1. Natural antibiotic
2. Protection against damage of nerve cells.
3. Heart and circulatory health
4. Promotes wound healing and supports cellular regeneration
5. Anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer

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