57°N Willow & B5 Calming Serum, 30ml


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57°N Willow & B5 Calming Serum, 30ml.

Product of Korea.
Contained natural ingredients.
Free from SLS, paraben and artificial additives.

This serum will help fight acne. English willow bark essence soothes pimple and eczema prone skin, while vitamin B5 has anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin B5 works as a moisturizer on the skin and enhances the healing process of wounds. Most suitable for sensitive and troubled skin.

1. Soothing the irritated skin with England white willow bark water.

2. Moisturizes skin with Vitamin B5, panthenol. Has healing properties for individuals with chemical peeling, eczema and sunburned skin.

3. Hydrates & moisture the skin barrier with Hyaluronic acid complex.

4. Revitalize & nourish skin for cell regeneration & skin absorption with Peptide complex.

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