100% Wheat Germ Powder 小麦胚芽 200g


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100% Wheat Germ Powder
小麦胚芽, 200g

Natural wheat germ powder is fine grinding makes it easier to absorb the nutrients.
Wheat germ contains rich protein, vitamins, minerals and all 18 amino acids necessary for human beings.
Wheat germ is refined from high-quality wheat by wheat germ cutter.
It is a nutritious food with high protein, high vitamin E, low heat, low fat and low cholesterol.

– can add with milk, milk powder or soy milk and make a good cup of wheat germ milk, wheat germ bean milk.
– add milk tea, become everyone's favorite wheat germ milk tea.
– add other grain flour and brew together to make a nutritious breakfast cereal drink that meets the daily energy needs.

A good companion in the evening, the wheat germ is low in calories and has a sense of fullness without fear of too much calories.

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