Organic Oat Milk Powder in Singapore

organic oat powder

Can: 850g

Package: 800g/box (25g x 32 sachets)

Oats are grown throughout the temperate zones. They strive in Northwest Europe, even being grown successfully in Iceland. Oats after corn (maize) have the highest lipid content of any cereal.

Oats are rich in various nutrients and high in water soluble fiber and have numerous uses in food: they are rolled or crushed into oatmeal, ground into fine oat flour or made into oat cookies. Unlike most of grains that once dehulled and refined would lost their nutrient-rich bran and germ, oatmeal would still keep their germs and part of the bran. Therefore, oats are as nutritious as brown rice and whole wheat.

The oats used in this product is of premium-grade organic variety, and is certified organic by international recognized agency (QAI) to be free from the contamination of chemicals like artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

An advanced milling and processing technique is then applied to produce oatmeal with very smooth texture and taste, while still preserving the wholesome nutrients. The mix is further reinforced with Psyllium Husk fiber and Calcium Lactate Gluconate (a high potency form of calcium) to ensure maximum availability of bioactive calcium and higher amount of fiber for the user. This product contains no preservatives.

Ingredients: organic oats (certified by QAI), Psyllium Husk fiber and Calcium Lactate Gluconate

Net Weight:

Can: 850g

Package: 800g/box (25g x 32 sachets)

Infusion: blend one or more spoonful of powder with lukewarm or hot water. It mixes well with milk, oat, soy milk, tea with milk or other wholesome beverages.

Regular consumption would nourish and strengthen the body system, improve metabolism, improve complexion, increase energy level and promote good health.













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