Organic Five Grain Milk Powder in Singapore

organic five grain beverage

630 grams per can.

Organic High Calcium Five Grains Milk Powder

This beverage powder is made of five whole grains: brown rice, millet, black glutinous rice, buckwheat and oat. It has close to hundred kinds of nutrients, including proteins, saccharides, various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace minerals, fibers and enzymes.

Unlike the conventional beverages that use polished rice and grains that are devoid of skin and germ that have only pure carbohydrates with empty calorie but no vitamins and minerals, the Full Healthy Five-Grain Powder uses whole grains that consist of grain husk, embryo bud and aleurone layer.

Full Healthy uses premium-grade organic five-grain rice as the major ingredient. The special processing technique is then employed to finely milled the whole grains into perfection that is wholesome and delicious, while preserving the natural goodness and nutrients. The final product is further reinforced with Calcium Lactate Gluconate (a high potency form of calcium) to ensure maximum availability of bioactive calcium. This product is guaranteed to be free of preservatives.

The organic whole grains are organically certified by renowned agency to be free from the contamination of chemicals like artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Certifications: Organic Brown Rice (certified by Taiwan TOPA), organic millet (certified by OCIA, USA), organic buckwheat (certified by FVO, USA), organic oat (certified by QAI, USA), organic black glutinous rice (certified by Tse-Xin Organic, Taiwan)

Nett Weight: 450g

Infusion: blend one or more spoonful of powder with lukewarm or hot water. It mixes well with milk, oat, soy milk, tea with milk or other wholesome beverages.

Regular consumption would nourish and strengthen the body system, improve metabolism, improve complexion, increase energy level and promote good health.








成份:有机糙米(台湾TOPA)、有机小米(美国OCIA)、有机荞麦(美国FVO)、有机燕麦(美国QAI) 、有机黑糯米(台湾慈心)、乳酸钙、葡萄糖酸钙。



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