Full Healthy Organic Almond Powder in Singapore

Organic Almond Powder

630 grams per can

High Calcium Almond Milk Powder

The sweet almond is a native to the Mediterranean climate region of the Middle East, eastward as far as Asia. It is a small bushy deciduous tree native having pretty pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts enclosed in a hard green hull. Its characteristic is mild and nourishing (it means it will not produce excessive heat when consume). Its major constituents are: protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B15, B17 and rich in calcium, phosphor, iron and other mnerals. It is also rich in dietary fibre.

The Full Healthy Almond Beverage uses freshly ground sweet almond with calcium lactate gluconate (a high potency form of calcium) blend. Absolutely no preservatives are added.

Unlike the common almond powders available in the market, the Full Healthy Almond Beverage Powder does not contain added starch, therefore would not thicken when mix with water. It is also unsweetened.

The pure almond powder contains great amount of dietary fibre and has the natural fragrance of fresh almond.oil. It can be prepared with hot or cold water.

Net weight: 450g

Ingredients: Sweet almond, calcium lactate gluconate.

Infusion: blend one or more spoonful of powder with lukewarm or hot water. It mixes well with milk, oat, soy milk, tea with milk or other wholesome beverages.

Regular consumption would nourish and strengthen the body system, improve metabolism, improve complexion, increase energy level and promote good health.









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