Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex

Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta

Nuvit Gold Sheep Placenta PLUS

S$380 (list price) for 30 softgels. Each softgel contains 600mg of sheep placenta extract. Member price applicable.

Nuvit Platinum Sheep Placenta

Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta is wholly researched and produced in New Zealand. It is  kept in soft gelatin capsules and extracted from cells grown in a way that is scientifically-proven to maintain their function, integrity and bioactivity.

After 15 years of research and development, Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta has been widely recognised as one of the most effective supplements for anti-ageing and cell rejuvenation. 

Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta is produced using cell culture technology. Its functional cells are extracted using cutting-edge biotechnological techniques that maintain the viability of their growth factors. These growth factors can rejuvenate and regenerate damaged and aged cells in our body, which revitalises our body in the process.

Complete Absorption for Total Youth

After sheep placental cells are grown using cell culture technology, its essence is extracted and condensed into a standard, bioactive, 600mg Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placentaencapsulated in a soft gelatin capsule. It is rich with antioxidants, and is effective in protecting cells from free-radical damage.

After taking Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta, the soft gelatin capsule will pass through the stomach intact to protect the active ingredients in the capsule from being damaged by stomach acids. To ensure that the cellular elements are fully utilised, they will be released and absorbed in the small intestine to achieve anti-ageing effects

Nitrogen Encapsulated Sheep Placenta

Pure natural New Zealand Sheep Placenta that contains a 600mg concentrate of its active ingredients. With 200mg Shark Liver Oil Essence and 200mg Grape Seed Oil Essence added.


  • 30 soft gels

  • Sheep Placenta Complex

Main Ingredients: each Enteric Coated Soft gel contains:

  1. Ovine placenta extract (50:1) – 600mg

    (equiv. Ovine Placenta Fresh – 30,000mg)

  2. Squalene -200mg

  3. Olive Oil -200mg

  4. Aloe Vera P.E (200:1) – 10mg

    (equiv. Aloe Vera fresh 2,000mg)

Other ingredients

  • Vitamin E (d-a-tocopherol) – 1mg

  • Lecithin – 25.2mg

  • Silica-Colloidal Anhydrous – 15.2mg

  • White bee wax – 70mg

  • Soybean Oil – 238.6mg

Direction for use:1 soft gel daily. Source of gelatin – bovine

Product of New Zealand

Nuvit – Gold Sheep Placenta Plus – 30 Softgels

Nuvit Gold Sheep Placenta

Each soft gel contains active ingredients:

  • Ovine placenta extract (20:1) – 500mg

    (equiv Ovine Placenta Fresh – 10,000mg)

  • Shark liver oil – 200mg

  • Grape seed oil – 200mg

    (equiv –Vitis Vinifera seed oil 200mg)

Other Ingredients

  • Vitamin E (d-aplha tocopherol) – 1.2IU

  • Lecithin – 32mg

  • Coconut oil – 18mg

  • White bee wax – 6mg

  • Soya bean Oil – 273mg

Direction for use: 1-3 softgels daily

Source of gelatin – bovine

Product of New Zealand



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