Negative Ions and Breath in Singapore

Each day, we must breathe 10,000 litres of air to survive. Let’s not take this vital life support system for granted or assume that all air is the same.

In nature, everything is balanced. The forces of nature produce both negative and positive ions in abundance (a ratio of 5 positive to 4 negative ions). Most negative ions are created by the breakdown of natural radium in the Earth’s crust to radon gas. High levels of negative air ions are also created by lightning, rolling surf crashing on rocks, cosmic rays and waterfalls.

On the other hand, positive ions occur in unnaturally high levels in cities, not just in the streets, where the ground is overlaid with concrete and asphalt, but in air-conditioned buildings and vehicles with hermetically sealed windows.

The average home is also rife with unhealthy positive ions. Air-conditioning forces air through narrow ducts, destroying negative ions and leaving only positive ions in their place. In homes, electrical fields surrounding appliances, plus the electrical charge generated by synthetic fibres in furniture, carpets and clothing also severely disturb the ion balance in the air.

Science has shown that positively-charged air has a debilitating effect, while the presence of negative ions stimulates and energies, at the same time destroying airborne bacteria and mould spores.

While it is recommended that we do whatever possible to restore our bodies ’natural balance, including maintaining a healthy diet, drinking filtered water and exercising, the air we breathe is of major significance to our wellbeing. The Elanra Medical Ioniser will provide an environment that enables us to breathe and to sleep as nature intended while our bodies repair themselves.

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