Joy Spring Organic Soy Bean Sauce

Joy Spring Organic Soy Bean Sauce


• Delicious flavor with lighter color, suitable for any type of cooking and sauce for

Japanese salad, sashimi, chafing fish and boiled vegetable.

• Mix with organic Black Bean sauce, good for various stewed food

Product Feature:

• Made by Non-Gmo soybean, wheat and sugar which are certified organic

by QAI of U.S.A. or QC&I Germany.

• All ingredients are well packed and refrigerated with low temperature to keep away from infection of aflatoxin.

• 100% purely fermented. No chemical pigment, preservative. Anti-forming agent, modify starch and chemical seasoning, such as MSG, 5’-GMP (Sodium 5’-Guanylate), amino acid, caramel and liquorices

Volume: 220ml

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