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Home EMF Protection System

The Scalar Home Protection System, like the Scalar Resonator, is a powerful grounding device. It includes three progressive steps to moderate the adjustment period, which is essential for people who are electrically sensitive or who have immune deficiency problems. In particular, asthmatic and ADHD children and people with chronic illnesses are helped by graduated reductions in EMF exposure levels, which moderates most healing or detoxification symptoms.

What are the benefits?

Get deeper sleep: Experience relief from insomnia and irregular sleep patterns that EMFs are causing.

Experience enhanced alertness: Feel more awake and alert during the day, without debilitating brain-fog.

Catch fewer colds and flus: Enjoy daily good health and an ability to better fight bacteria and viruses, as your immune system gets stronger and stronger.

Enjoy calmer, more focused children: Children become noticeably more calm and relaxed with EMF protection.

How it actually works?

The Scalar Home Protection System utilizes the principles of cyclotronic resonance. The mechanism whereby electrical wiring appliances in the home impact your body’s nervous system is explained by the principle of cyclotronic resonance. If two AC fields stand at right angles to each other (as in every electrified corner in a house), and a DC field is present (as provided by the earth), then AC energy is actually transferred from the electrical wiring into the nervous system of people within the grid. This grid is always working in any electrified building whether current is being used or not.

What actually happens during the energy transference? Three things. First, stress hormones are generated by the person’s adrenal system in response to the "assault" of AC electrical energy transfer. This energy has no biological function and is perceived by the body as an attack. Second, the immune system begins to collapse over time due to the constant subliminal stress.

You were born to be immersed in the Earth’s protective field.

The problem is that the EMFs generated by your electricity and appliances prevent you from being grounded in the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field—the field you were born to live in, the field that nurtures and heals you.

You know how good it feels to be out in nature? It’s the earth’s electromagnetic field you’re feeling. This is what helps your body to relax and let go of tension; it’s also what calms your mind. This happens because you are resonating with the Earth’s field.

Dealing with Chronic Illness?

The Home EMF Protection System is designed to give special help to people in fragile health. If you are dealing with chronic illness, you will likely feel strong relief with the Home EMF Protection System. Some people are electrosensitive and don’t know it till they’re in a home with the Home EMF Protection System. Others with high blood pressureasthmachronic headachesfibromyalgia or diabetes report amazing results.

Specifications ?

Measures 4" x 2" x 2". EarthCalm scalar home products use no electrical current and therefore generate no EMFs. They may be plugged in anywhere in the home to protect the entire household (and all electrified buildings under the same electrical meter). They will last indefinitely.

Warranty Information


Product warranty on defective material or workmanship valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


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