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  • Strengthening Our Immunity Against Diseases (Infectious & Degenerative)

    Talk on Immunity Singapore

How to strengthen the immunity to protect your health during this critical period?
Many have a misconception that drugs and other external substances would make us disease-free. The truth is, they are not! It is the immune system that protects, rebuilds and heals! The immune system protects us from disease caused by bacteria, viruses and toxins, and helps remove foreign bodies and malignant cells from our system. Needless to say, the immunity is of paramount importance to our well-being!

The prevalence Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has once again bring the focus on the immunity. In this talk, Edwin Low, the health advocate, would touch on ways of strengthening the body immune system, including lifestyle, habit and food changes, certain supplements that are proven immune boosters, different masks will be showcased and uses explained too.

  • Power Up Your Immune

Edwin prepared this talk during the SARS period few years back. The aim is to boost one’s immune system by doing the nine steps mentioned in the talk. Besides lifestyle changes, the talk also showed the audience how to massage the meridian channels and acupressure points to strengthen the immunity. This talk was given not only in Singapore, but also in Jakarta and Johore.  
The latest talk was done on 18 April 2009 at National Library Board, together with Ms Ruth Tay, Nutrition Consultant. The response was overwhelming. Please click here…

  • De-Stress Workshop for Corporate: Fight Stress with Yoga

Modern life is a endless race against time. Business and family pressures, continual emotional tension and anxiety, hurried meals, improper food, indulgence in alcohol and stimulants, all are taking their toll in nervous indigestion and fatigue, restless sleep, strain and irritability, as well as all the myriad other psychosomatic illnesses that beset modern humanity. Today’s human being has completely forgotten how to relax. It’s called STRESS

In this workshop we will learn how to use the system of yoga to overcome the harmful effects of stress on both physical and mental level. You will learn about:

  • Yoga Postures
  • Meditation
  • Breathing tecniques
  • Diet

Ananda Marga Yoga Posture

The lecturer, Dada is a yoga monk. He was born in Norway in 1964 and worked many years as a TV producer. His attraction towards mysticism and yoga drew him to India where he later studied and graduated from the ancient educational system known as Gurukula. He today holds the titles of Acarya and Avadhuta.
Dada has been in-charge of Ananda Marga Yoga Society (AMYS) since 2001. His passion for education, yoga and social progress made him initiate the Ananda Marga Yoga Academy (AMYA) in 2007. Today he serves as AMYA’s principal and lecturer.

  • Garbage Enzyme Workshop

    Garbage Enzyme Workshop in Singapore
    Garbage Enzyme is an organic solution produced by the simple fermentation of fresh vegetable waste, brown sugar and water, in much the same process that rice wine is made.

    The fermentation gives rise to a solution that is rich in natural chains of proteins, mineral salts and enzymes. This solution has the capacity to breakdown, change, create and catalyse — functions that make it a wonderful cleaning aid.

    Calling it “garbage enzyme” is intentional. It is a tribute to Nature’s example of wasting nothing — and it shows the way to live in harmony with the planet.

    This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to make this useful solution from kitchen scraps, and show you some of the many ways it can be used at home, in the office or garden, for the car, and more!

    The workshop lasts about one hour.

  • Yogurt DIY and Dr. Budwig’s Anti-Cancer Diet:

Most people eat yogurt because they like it, but studies of yogurt’s health benefits show it has plenty more to offer. In a recent report, scientists from Tufts University in Boston found out that yogurt is beneficial for a number of gastrointestinal conditions, including Lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, Helicobacter pylori infection, and allergies.  
Yogurt’s benefits come from the microflora it introduces into the digestive tract, the improvement of bowel transit, and the enhancement of gastrointestinal immune responses. Republic of China’s scientists studying the effect of yogurt on Helicobactor pylori bacteria found that regular intake of yogurt “effectively suppressed” H. pylori infection in humans. H. pylori is the main cause of gastric ulcers, and it plays a role in the development of stomach cancer.
In this talk, Mr. Edwin Low, the speaker would touch on the reasons and ways of eating yogurt. There will be a demo on how to make natural yogurt at home as well as the best way to consume yogurt with Omega 3-rich flaxseed oil, a.k.a. Dr Budwig’s Diet to combat chronic and degenerative diseases.

  • Stop your health being stolen:

This talk explains the importance of 12 essential elements in our bodily health. These include: air, water, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, enzymes, carbohydrates and proteins, fatty acids, etc. This talk is based on the Edwin’s book: “Stop Your Health Being Stolen”.  

  • Organic Lifestyle

This is a lively presentation. Edwin has given this piece at clubs, corporate functions and National University of Singapore’s Library. It teaches one to live organically even in a highly urbanised environment. The talk touches on emotional as well physical aspects of life. It’s a good introductory piece for those still unfamiliar with healthy organic living.

  • Efficacy of organic juices and home juicing

What are the two most essential elements for body function? Answer: air and water (liquid food). This talk explains in detail on what is organic farming, why go organic, as well as the function and curative effects of various vegetable and fruit juices. Sampling session is arranged. However, mind you, the juices are so potent that too much mixing around would send one quickly to washroom. Besides various outlets, this presentation has also been done @ the National Library.

  • Enzymes – The spark of life

Every body function requires the presence of enzymes. However, most of the foods we eat contain none. Cooked food, processed food and refined food, etc. has no enzymes, and yet, our digestion requires the enzyme to digest the food properly… This talk shows the importance of enzymes and how can we change our eating habit and type of food to improve our body function.

  • Fats that heal and fats that kill

By now, many do know about the problems of bad fats: hydrogenated fat, trans fat and fats that have been fried in high temperature. This talk explains various types of oils and fats, as well as the benefits of ingesting good fats and oils. It also shows how to ingest the fats for better health and energy. Do you know what? Good fat might help in weight management and too much carbohydrate might produce more fat than eating fats!

  • Cancer Prevention By Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Changes

As the title implies, cancer is largely preventable by diet and lifestyle changes. However, don’t wait until it is too late!  
See Edwin in action @ NLB 20 June 2009,, ,

  • Sickness Begins From The Lowered Body Temperature:Hypothermia

This talk explains the underlying cause of many diseases and the importance of maintain the core body temperature at a higher and optimal level. Besides, Edwin also demonstrates the foods, exercises and massage that can boost the body temperature.

  • Organic high fibre & juice fasting for detox, better energy and healthy slimming

This talk explains that we’re living in a highly polluted environment and shows the way to do a proper detoxification of the body to achieve better health, energy and healthy slimming. When come to fasting, many are afraid of hunger. This talk shows the audience the “friendlier” way of fast that is tender to the body and yet powerful to achieve the goal of cleansing. Mr. Edwin Low, the speaker, will also show the proper way of breaking the fast.

  • The Healing Water

70% of our body is made up by water. Needless to say, good and pure water is essential for our health. And yet, most of us don’t drink enough water. Worse, we drink too many caffeinated and carbonated drinks, that deplete the water content further… Do you know that by simply drinking sufficient pure water, one could rid of headache and ulcerative pains, relieves high blood pressure? This talk is for everyone — because we all don’t drink enough good quality water!

  • Home organic sprouting

An interesting talk. Edwin would show you how to sprout by using glass bottles. Want to try organic living? This is the cheapest and most effective way of having organic vegetable for a meal. Furthermore, it is so wholesome that Edwin is pondering whether to live solely on them.

  • Yoga – the way of healthy living

The practice of yoga is an art and science dedicated to creating the union between body, mind and spirit. Yoga has been around several thousands ago.  There are eight limbs of teaching towards perfection. These talk touches on the true meaning of yoga, also demonstrates some asanas and the pranayama (breath control) that would improve the general well-being of those have practised it.

  • The Proper Way To Take Supplement for Better Health & Vitality

The title says it all. This talk explains the various kind of supplements in the market, synthetic vs natural ones, as well the functions of different types of supplements. Of course, the notion of “if you have balanced diet, you need not to take supplements” is also open to the audience for discussion.

  • What colour is your body? Are you suffered from poor circulation?

This presentation is interesting and trying to explain that every part of the body is interconnected. Therefore, we have to care and treat our body as a whole. By using the state-of-art electro interstitial scanner, Edwin hopes the audience would understand that we cannot assign our health to others and have to take care of our own body and maintain it just like the way we take care of our car!

  • Coffee Enema

Drinking coffee and using it for another purpose have very different effect on the body. This talk is in the development process. We have used the coffee enema to flush out toxins and reduce pains of all kinds. Now, we’re preparing to teach you how to do it easily and comfortably.

  • Water Detox

Human body consists of 70% water, almost all the nutrients require water (in the bloodstream) as a medium to transport to every cell of the body; and the wastes which are the by-products of metabolism of every cell also require the water to carry away. Therefore, water is crucial for our well being. Water detox is not just about fasting only with water. Instead we should understand why drinking water is important besides sustaining our life. Without food, we can survive beyond a month, but if without water, we would not be even last for three days. This talk illustrates the importance of drinking quality water for our body. Tips of detox via simple changes of daily drinking habit will also be given…

  • Antioxidants & Anti Aging

    This talk gives an overview on various types of antioxidants and their role in combating degenerative diseases and aging process. One of the aging theories: The Proliferation of Free Radical Damage is presented and solutions suggested. Interesting for those seeking to retard their own aging process…

  • (Pendulum) Basic dowsing

Want to learn the ancient art of finding water source, missing things, energy of the food, etc.? Pendulum has been around for thousands of years. This talk teaches one how to use the pendulum to check for food or product’s vibration — whether it’s good for the person concerned (many cancer patients use pendulums to check their foods). Of course, the tool can also be used for many other things, including energy healing, interpersonal relationship, etc.


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