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Why Sustainable Clothing & Undergarment

Organic Cotton Garment in Singapore

  • Conventional clothing can be environmentally damaging.

    It can cause damage through significant water use, toxicity from agricultural chemicals, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and production-related hazardous waste.
  • Sustainable clothing, on the other hand, is very much less damaging.

    Take organic cotton, for example. For one thing, organic cotton requires less water to grow. Using organic farming practices (e.g. crop rotation, compost) farmers can increase the amount of organic matter in the soil, and this helps the soil to retain more water. The result is improved water utilization, making a typically "thirsty" crop more efficient to grow.

  • To help you reduce your impact on the environment, Nukleus is offering you smart and sustainable choices in underwear and basics.
  • Making underwear and basics is our core competence. We have over 30 years of experience in this business. It’s what we do best.

  • Underwear and basics may appear insignificant, but they are not. We wear one every day. And because of work and our daily commute, many of us have to wear the same one for many hours, sometimes up to 12 hours a day. That’s a long time!

  • Innerwear also comes into close contact with areas of your body that are delicate and sensitive. If you wear the wrong kind, you will experience discomfort.

  • So you’ve got to wear the right underwear as well as basic. And we believe Nukleus is 100% right for you.
  • By purchasing Nukleus products, you are able to lead a healthy green lifestyle, support the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and protect the environment.

  • Remember: Everything you do impacts the environment in one way or another. For this reason, every single act of yours counts.

    Join us in our journey towards a sustainable future.

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