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Full Healthy:

Rebuilding and preserving the ecological balance of our Mother Earth is of utmost importance to our health.

In line with the appreciation of life and protection of our Mother Earth, the Full Healthy Organic is actively seeking the natural and pure organic materials to prevent the environment from further damage. From sourcing of raw material, recipe formulation, manufacture process to production, we strictly abide by the principle of providing products with pristine and unadulterated flavor that is free from contamination. We trust that the products we deliver to our customers would give life and sustain life on earth for generations to come.

Ingredients used in the Full Healthy Product series have been certified by organic agency recognized internationally. From the selection of seeds, soil cultivation, farming to every step of the production process, all are conformed with strictest international organic certified standards. This is to ensure the end products are most wholesome and trustworthy.

Product Features:

Raw materials used in the Full Healthy Product Series are guaranteed to be premium-grade and fresh. The machinery used for the selection of materials, washing, curing, low-temperature drying and milling, are all state-of-the-art and located in a “zero-pollution” production environment. The strictest production condition is maintained to preserve the pristine taste and the nutrients, resulting in products with purest quality: it nourishes but not “heaty” when consume, with full spectrum of nutrients and would not cake when infused. We further guarantee that these products are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. They can be infused with hot or cold water and still taste great. These products are ideal beverages for busy people, and are suitable for all ages and physiques.

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