Ecoheal air sanitizer in Singapore

Better than any air purifier or ionizer. EcoHeal™ makes clean air, fresh and sterilized, so that you can breath freely and safely.

Ecoheal E Tree

S$950.00, call 62922991 to reserve a unit.

Why EcoHeal E-tree is better than other air purifiers, air disinfectants, sterlizers or ionizers

  • Non Toxic
  • Absolutely quite
  • Extremely low power consumption (<10W)
  • No filter and consumables to replace
  • Proprietary PSN+PHI photocatalyst
  • Highly economical (one EcoHeal™ E-tree is good for a room of 20~50 sqm)


Input Voltage 100~240V (AC), 50/60Hz
Operating Voltage 12V (DC)
Operating Current 0.3A (AC); 2A (DC)
Power Consumption 10W (max)
Weight 0.75kg
Dimension 132mm (bottom)
82mm (top)
250mm (height)
Warranty 12 months
Shelf-life 5 Years
Certification Taiwan BSMI (Bureau of Standard, Metrology and Inspection)
No. R36235

Unlike any consumer air purifier and ionizer in the market, EcoHeal™ E-tree brings two environmentally friendly processes, PSN (photosynthesis) and PHI (photohydrogenionziation), into one compact and elegant design. The technologies behind its seemingly simple look are proven to be effective in any way people would expect of an air cleaner:

  • Purification: Removal of pollutants and allergens from the air
  • Ionization: Decomposition of organic compounds in the air
  • Sanitisation: Disinfection of object surface
  • Sterilization: Disinfection of air

What is PSN?

PSN is a process triggered by photons that converts molecules of water (H2O) and oxygen (O2) into other transitional compounds, while releases energy that is carried by these particles to kill and neutralize harmful organisms like bacteria and virus. The air is never short of moisture and oxygen; once charged by light of proper spectrum, the PSN essentially becomes a chain breakdown reaction that continues by itself, consuming very little power to keep the process ongoing.

What is PHI?

PHI is a process that converts water (H2O) molecules into ionized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2-) that is extremely effective and useful for disinfection. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidant that is commonly used by doctors to disinfect wounds. After reacting with organisms like bacteria, Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2), leaving nothing harmful to the environment. EcoHeal™ E-tree’s unique photocatalyst is able to efficiently turns water and oxygen into hydrogen peroxide, which is then ionized and released to the air. In fact, the PHI technology has its effectiveness certified by US CDC as Class-4 anti-disease level, and has been deployed in the US army, the White House, and many other US government facilities.

The concentration of H2O2- generated by EcoHeal™ E-tree is between 0.01 and 0.02 ppm, equivalent to that of natural environment. 0.01 ppm is equivalent to 177,000,000,000,000,000 molecules in a cubic volume of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm.

Powerful PSN/PHI cleansing agents and their beneficial effects

Ions of H2O2- attack organisms like bacteria, mold, and virus by destroying their cell membranes, thereby killing and breaking them down.

Furthermore, the PSN/PHI cleansing agents are capable of decomposing organic pollutants and compounds like formaldehyde and any undesirable odor molecules. The carbon-hydrogen bond inside these organic compounds is destructed and degrade into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), both of which are harmless to human body.

Suspending particulate matters (PMs) smaller than 2.5µm are very difficult to capture by conventional HEPA-based purifiers on the market. EcoHeal™ E-tree is able to resolve this. The PSN/PHI cleansing agents solve this problem by transferring their static charges to PMs upon collision in the air. Small particles carrying opposite charges then attract each other and combine into bigger particles which eventually become too heavy to stay in the air.

Reasons why EcoHeal E-tree is better than other air purifiers or ionizers

  • Absolutely quite
  • Extremely low power consumption (<10W)
  • No filter and consumables to replace
  • Proprietary PSN+PHI photocatalyst
  • Highly economical (one EcoHeal™ E-tree is good for a room of 20~50 sqm)

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