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Good morning. The daily coronal infections has just exceeded 1000. According to the official practice, I think that the speed of infection will double, so we should take good care of our bodies, sleep well, eat more at home and exercise more by ourselves to improve the efficiency of internal circulation, and keep calm at the same time. These are the means to raise immunity. As for the supplementation, there are several things to consider: vitamin D3, zinc, copper, boron, comprehensive vitamins, as well as healthy oils and fats. Elsie’s blue essential oil can be considered in terms of essential oil. Sterilization can consider the nano silver in the store. In addition to the measurement of blood oxygen level (below 95% needs to be concern), it also depends on the body temperature. Don’t let the body surface temperature dip below 36 degrees. The most direct way to keep your temperature normal is to soak your feet in super warm water for 20 to 30 minutes.

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