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cordyzyme enzyme peptide

CORDYZYME is a highly-prized concentrated pure plant-based enzyme fermented with over 40 kinds of carefully selected fruits, vegetables, edible herbs, root crops, grains, nut fruits, seaweeds and cordyceps.

They are matured at a low temperature and is rich in ENZYME PEPTIDE which has a low molecular weight for fast and efficient absorption by our body.

It is made with the original BIOZYME fermented enzyme manufactured by Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Over 40 types of plants are used!

Fruits and Vegetables: capsicums, tomatoes, pumpkins, cauliflowers, broccoli, green beans, etc.

Leaf Vegetables: Ashitaba, cabbage, kale, mulukhiyah, lettuce, spinach, brassica pekinensis, etc.

Stem Vegetables: asparagus, onions, green beans, celery, etc.

Root Vegetables: burdocks, white radishes, carrots, beets, purple sweet potatoes, etc.

Herbs: parsley, cress, ginger, etc.

Crops and Nuts: maize, rice, sesame, etc.

Fruit and Seaweed: lemons and kelp

Cordyceps: Cordyceps sinensis mycelium

Others: brown sugar, mineral salt, and yeast extract

Net weight: 20g X 20 sachets (liquid)

Directions: Consume 1 to 3 sachets daily before meals. Recommended to consume directly from the sachet.

No artificial flavoring, coloring or sweeteners. Vegetarian Formula.

Product of Japan


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